Dr. Bapu Gawade Founder and Managing Director PhD. Chemistry Institute of Chemical Technology MSc. Organic Chemistry Pune University

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Bapu Ambadas Gawade

Awards & Recognition

  • Junior Research Fellow, CSIR-NMITLI, 2009
  • Special Meritorious Fellow, UGC (Green Technology Programme), 2010
  • Commonwealth Fellow, Govt. of Canada under INDO-CANADA Research and Cultural Exchange Programme, 2012
  • ABP News “Healthcare leadership Award”, 2018
  • “100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders Award”, World Health & Wellness Congress, 2019
  • UAA “Young Achiever Award” by UDCT Alumni Association, 2019

Current Position

  • Founder and Managing Director at Cleanchem Laboratories LLP(2015 to Present)
  • Director at Cleanchem Lifesciences pvt.Ltd(2021 to Present)
  • Director at Arrobiochem pvt.Ltd(2023 to Present)
  • Director at Navchem Laboratories pvt.Ltd(2020 to Present)
  • Research Associate, RPG Lifesciences pvt.Ltd(2007-2009)
  • Technical Research Advisory, Aastrid Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai (2010-2015)
  • Member of Board of Studies (BOS), Chemistry, KBP College, Vashi, Univ. of Mumbai
  • Member of Board of Studies (BOS), Chemistry, Bajaj College of Science, Wardha, Univ.of Nagpur
  • Member of Research Committee (Industry Expert), B.N. Bandodkar College of Science, University of Mumbai.
  • Member of Board of Studies (BOS), Chemistry, MIT ADT University, Pune
  • Member of Board of Studies (BOS), Chemistry, Wilson College, Mumbai
  • Member Research Advisory Committee, M.Pharm & Ph.D Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, Mumbai
  • Member Institutional Innovation Council, VJTI, MHRD, Govt of India
  • Invited Speaker for various Conferences, Guest Lectures and Webinar

With the inspiration, motivation and support from UDCT alumni as well as Prof. G.D.Yadav he has started Cleanchem Laboratories in 2015 immediate after completion of his Ph.D from ICT under guidance of Prof. G.D. Yadav. Under his Leadership a small Startup company Cleanchem Laboratories is growing very aggressively.Cleanchem Laboratories is one of the fastest growing Contract Research Organization in India. Under his dynamic leadership Cleanchem Laboratories has achieved remarkable growth and became one of the most reliable brands in reference standardsmanufacturing in domestic as well as international market.

       Independent Reliable Synthesis &Analytical R &D based CRO / CDMO
       8+ years dedicated service to Pharma, Chemical & Allied Industries
       400+ Clients Worldwide
       Exporting its products to more than 30 countries in the world
       Custom Synthesis of Reference Standards, Impurities, Metabolites, Drug Discovery Services, Isotope Labelled compounds,     API Intermediates.
      World class R&D Infrastructure of 22,000 Sq. Ft area in Navi Mumbai.
      Team of 100+ scientists including PhD’s & PG’s
      Ready stock Library of 4000+ Impurities & other products
      Pioneer in Developing Nitrosamine standards in India
      Largest Inventory of Genotoxic standards around the Globe

Dr. Bapu is having more than 16 years of research experience from Industries, Academia in National and International level. He is more focused in Business Strategy, Marketing and Business Development as well as R & D activities. He is a role model for Industry Academia collaborations and signed number of MOU’s with different institutions. He is expertise in R&D, Novel Technology Development, Contract Research and CustomSynthesis, Process Development, Technology transfer to effective commercial Scale operations.He is well versed with Design and development of Novel Catalyst and Catalytic processes,Continuous processes, Catalytic Fixed bed reactors, High pressure reactions, Cryogenic reactions, Green Chemistry and Engineering, Advance Separation and Purification, Nano technology, Material science and Advanced Analytical Techniques, Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, etc.

He is a First Generation Entrepreneur with primary focus on...

       Employment Generation Program
       Women Empowerment with actively 50% gender equality in his organization
       Make in India
       Import Substitute Products Development and more focus on alternatives to China
      Skill Development Program by giving Higher learning opportunity to its employees as well as Internship program for the     students from various institutions. He also provides in-plant training opportunities to Faculties as well.
       Green Chemistry & Engineering in products and process development.
       National Empowerment by supporting Indian Economy.

Co-founder & Director

Mr. Nitin Shankar Bondre

Mr. Nitin S. Bondre a pharmaceutical professional with a technical background, Has worked with organisation such as RPG Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, Aastrid Life Sciences Pvt Ltd & Wanbury Ltd for the past 14 years. He is specialised in the areas of Design, synthesis, purification and characterisation of API compounds. Synthesis of drug molecules, Process Development, Process Optimization and Scale up of the process up to production plant, quality, R&D, Compliance & regulatory affairs.

  • He has filed the number of patent & research paper in his research work, A process for the preparation of avanafil and its novel intermediates (W02015177807A1)

  • Filed patent of preparation Apremilast impurities (Application ID 201621013195)

  • Synthesis, Characterization, Identification and Quantification of Sertraline Hydrochloride Related Impurities (European journal of pharmaceutical and medical research October 14, 2016)

  • Stability-indicating related substances method of Apremilast by HPLC and synthesis and characterization of related impurities using Mass and NMR spectroscopy (International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research February 28, 2017)

  • Synthesis of 2, 6-dihydroxy-3-phenyldiazenylpyridine and 6-amino-2-hydroxy-3-phenyldiazenylpyridine: an impurity in the process for phenazopyridine hydrochloride a genitor-urinary antiseptic drug (European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences November 26, 2016)

Mr. Nitin S. Bondre Co-founder & Director MSc. Organic Chemistry Pune University

Dr. Anil Gawade R&D Director PhD. Chemistry Institute of Chemical Technology M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Pune University

R&D Director

Dr. Anil Bhagchand Gawade

Awards & Recognitions

  • Special Meritorious Fellow, UGC (Green Technology Programme), 2012
  • Published 5 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and granted 3 Indian patents.
  • Worked as a Research & Development Manager in The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company (2017-2019).

Professional competencies

  • Research Scientist in Resonance Specialities Ltd. (2016-2017)
  • Research Chemist in Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (2011-2012)

Papers and Patent

  • A process for synthesis of to 2,5-dimethylfuran by selective hydrogenolysis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural at mild condition
    December 2019
    Patent: Indian Patent No. : 315869
    December 2019
    Patent: Indian Patent No. : 324453
  • Microwave assisted synthesis of 5-ethoxymethylfurfural in one pot from D-fructose by using deep eutectic solvent as catalyst under mild condition July 2018
    Biomass and Bioenergy 117
    DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2018.07.008
  • Catalytic Self-condensation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural over Modified Heteropolyacid
    November 2017
    Current Catalysis 6(3)
  • Selective synthesis of 2, 5-furandicarboxylic acid by oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over MnFe 2 O 4 catalyst
    September 2017
    Catalysis Today 309
    DOI: 10.1016/j.cattod.2017.08.061
  • Biobased green process: Selective hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) to 2, 5 dimethyl furan (DMF) under mild conditions using Pd-Cs2.5H0.5PW12O40/K-10 clay
    June 2016
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4(8)
    DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.6b00426
  • Magnetically separable sulfated zirconia as highly active acidic catalyst for selective synthesis of ethyl levulinate from furfuryl alcohol
    January 2016
    Green Chemistry 19(4)
    DOI: 10.1039/C6GC02466A